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Boldly Fine | A creative design agency in Los Angeles, CA

You dream it, we build it. We are a creative design agency in Los Angeles, CA. We like to: create websites from scratch & make old ones look better; produce podcasts; improve Google rankings; teach classes on DIY websites; and drink lots of whiskey. 


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Thoroughly Thought-Out

We make websites with one thing in mind: the user experience.

Have you ever been to a website and thought to yourself "wow... I can't find anything I am looking for". Yeah... us too.

Every website we design goes through a rigorous planning process from discovery to research to concept to sketch to development to testing to a fully functional website built for all devices, ESPECIALLY mobile. Not only does this design OCD create a seamless user-experience, it creates an effective funnel to convert your visitors into customers, fans, sales, or contacts.

We love building sites for:

  • Small businesses

  • Artists (musicians, photographers, fine artists, etc.)

  • Restaurants

  • Startups

  • Non-profits


Made For Mobile

Within the last year, mobile and tablet internet usage exceeded desktop internet usage for the first time worldwide.

TRANSLATION: your website better look good on a phone... or you will lose 50% of your visitors.

With this in mind, we carefully craft all of our sites with a mobile-friendly version so they will look as good in the palm of your hand as they do on that 28" 4k display.

Think about it...

How frustrating is it when you try to go to a website and have to pinch and zoom three times just to be able to click a damn link? No bueno.

We hate that too, so we take pride in our "my parents could use this" mobile layouts.




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